Truck Driving3

Working in partnership with some of the best Truck Driver Trainers available, Speedcraft Logistics Truck Driver program combines basic, solid knowledge of over-the-road driving, practical behind-the-wheel skill training, and an intensive mentorship scheme for each trainee. Coursework within the classroom includes FRSC regulations/ NIS Code of Practice, trip planning and equipment inspections, defensive driving techniques, and a host of topics essential for today’s truck drivers. Our highly qualified instructors bring their real-world experience to the classroom, enriching each class and practical training session. Speedcraft Logistics Truck Driver program offers:

  • Comprehensive classroom theory
  • Behind-the-wheel road & range practice
  • Wellness Certification
  • Mentorship Academy
  • Modern fleet equipment
  • Training with flatbeds, empty & fully-loaded tractor trailers



Background Check1

In an industry plagued by massive cult-like misdemeanor and rapid unfettered turnover among truck drivers, what you need is a clinically executed Background checks that deliver valuable insights for better decisions in your driver selection process and ultimately peace of mind. For your business, it is the foundation of due diligence. It provides the insight you need to reduce risk and improve profitability by helping you identify credible and trustworthy drivers with a view to safeguarding your transactions and relationship with clients. Speedcraft Logistics delivers Comprehensive Background Checks for your drivers and their guarantors within 72Hours anywhere in Nigeria!