ramadan mubarak4

Although Ramadan offers believers spiritual elevation and health benefits, but fasting also does have physical effects on the human body, particularly where Ramadan coincides with the height of extreme weather which could impact adversely driving ability.

On a sunny day for instance, it can easily lead to dehydration and fatigue. Fasting can cause temporary low blood sugar which will drastically affect the attentiveness, concentration, vision and action/reaction or alertness, which means drivers need to take extra care during Ramadan and make sure they are fit to undertake the task of truck driving.

In the same vein, fewer hours of sleep, irregular meal times and evenings filled with prayers, social gatherings and events also affect driving ability. However, if certain precautionary measures are taken and conscious efforts made to improve driving habits, Ramadan can work wonders.

Below are some safety tips strongly recommended for truck drivers during Ramadan.

– Plan a scheduled sleeping time, consistent meals time and regular exercise routine

– If you feel sleepy while driving, pull over immediately and take a short nap. A fatigued driver is a danger not just to himself but also to other road users.

– After the nap, get out of the car and walk about to help improve your blood circulation

– If you are fasting and not sure to reach your destination on Iftar time, better secure the Iftar meal with you and have it after stopping the car in a safe place rather than rushing to catch up

– Avoid driving after heavy meal especially, after ending the fast

– Always maintain sufficient safe distance with the vehicle in front

– Always adjust your speed to the road and weather conditions

– Be more courteous and patient with other road users. Self-restraint is major requirement during Ramadan.

– Give yourself plenty of extra time to arrive at your destination on time

– Avoid driving for long hours.

– Buckle up yourself and insist your driving assistant wears seat belt at all times

– If possible, avoid the roads from around one hour before sunset. And this is especially important for those making intra-city or neighbourhood delivery. At this time, people will be driving at high speeds to make it home in time to end the fast. Most driving rules are not followed in these situations

– If someone looks like he is on road rage and shouting at you, no matter how difficult it is, let it go.

– Be aware of your own fatigue, as well as your physical and mental condition, to ensure your safety, the safety of your cargo and vehicle

– Drive defensively. Observe all traffic signs, rules and regulations. Most importantly, watch out for the other drivers on the road. Use your defensive driving techniques to avoid dangerous situations and so. Be observant, watch out for hazards, always anticipate other drivers’ actions and plan your response in good time

Above all, if you feel too physically drained to combine fasting with truck driving and the condition of your service does not make provision to defray or defer delivery until a more auspicious time; remember that Allah (SWT) the ever-merciful and benevolent lawgiver has already made a concession available for you. Use it and ensure you make up for the missed days within the given time.