Speedcraft Logistics has probably one of the largest pools of professionally trained, tested and certified drivers that have been at the forefront of providing dependable services to a number of companies that cuts across the manufacturing, shipping, financial services, oil and gas, haulage and passenger transport.

We are experts in large volume vehicles delivery services.


Our vehicle delivery services come with the following Value Propositions:

We provide drivers that have successfully scaled rigorous Pre-selection, Testing, Certification and Background Verification Processes

We have the pool and the capacity to deliver at the shortest possible notice as much as 400 validly certified and licensed drivers for transfer operations

Our drivers are duly licensed and statutorily empowered both at the State and Federal Government level to work as commercial drivers

Our drivers are appropriately kitted with Safety and Personal Protective items such as reflective clothing, safety boots, helmet and unique identification tags both for transit safety and ease of identification

We work with relevant security agents and traffic/transport management authorities such as FRSC and LASTMA to ensure adequate security and hitch-free transfer operations

Our in-transit unit works to ensure that identified service route for every transfer are adequately insulated against breaches through route implants and direct mobile surveillance agents

We complement our operations with properly manned and fully equipped mobile mechanic workshop that enables us to swiftly respond in the event of any kind of vehicle failure

We deploy our mobile fuel peddlers to effectively handle the provision of fuel ration per vehicle.

Speedcraft deploys a smart dynamic route planning system that delivers the best route for transfers by estimating the most realistic journey path and times.
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